Friday, July 23, 2010


So clearly I suck at keeping up with my resolutions. However, what is done is done (or better yet, what isn't done) and I'll have to redeem myself with one fascinating post on my European endeavors. So far I've concluded my eastern bound part of the trip and I'm on my way to all-so-lovely citta of Rome (hip hip hurray for carbs, tomatoes and cheese) and I'll (try to) entertain you with my overview of the cities, starting by my first stop, Berlin!

At first sight I found it really disappointing (sorry Berlin lovers). The city is a construction site with everything being (re)built. However, after a couple of free tours and a somewhat more thorough understanding of all the history, I realized that Berlin is nothing but gorgeous. The people are amazing, seriously, even German language becomes less scary with Berliners. Now, to cap off my growing love for the city and to fulfill my fashionista soul, Berlin fashion week was going on - BEE-EW-TIFUL. I didn't actually get to see any of the shows, which is quite unfortunate, but it was still worth it to stumble upon very stylish and edgy people during my walkabouts.

If Germany's capital is in your future travel plans than make sure you don't leave out Torstraze with its unique Berliner designers and really trendy crowd plus a bonus of some cool bars and restaurants that are budget friendly and delicious. Just take the subway to Rosenbauer platz (I'll have to double check the name of this one), walk around and you're sure to find some interesting surprises.

For those of you that want more precise tips of where to go, here are some of the places I went to and made sure to write down in my moleskine as must-go's:

Monsieur Wong - Yes, its Thai food in Berlin (that was my first thought also, don't worry), but its worth it. It isn't crammed with tourists, so you can give your camera a break, and the food is amazing. For 8.00 euros average you'll get a lot of really great, tasty food. Its usually really full but you probably won't have to wait long to get a seat.

Traffic - This place is like a tapas bar but for Asian food (as you can see I'm a bit into the oriental cuisine). Each dish costs about 3 euros, but with 3 dishes you're guaranteed to be extremely well fed. It has a really modern style and a backyard that is the perfect place to chill for a bit with a good game of fooseball or ping-pong. Also, like Monsieur Wong, its mainly occupied by trendy locals, which is always a perk.

The Week End- This nightclub is in the terrace of a building and, if for some god-knows-what reason, you don't like the music, you're guaranteed to get the most amazing view of Berlin possible (and for a decent price even). There's always something going on so just check their website. This is a mandatory stop for sure.

Grand Hostel - seriously the best hostel I've been to so far (even better than many hotels I've been too, might I add). Extremely clean, staff is amazing, its a bit far from the center (15 min walk) but its just outside a subway station so you'll be fine. Oh yeah, and its not expensive I believe I payed 20 euros per night which in the summer is really reasonable.

This is it for Berlin I guess. Hopefully I redeemed myself. Look out for my next update: Prague!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mid-year's resolution!

I need to blog more. In every single post so far (well, almost) I said I'd try to post more often, and truth be told I have not kept up with my word (at all). Since I hate not living up to my promises, I make it my mid-year's resolution to post frequently.

Now that I am truthfully (I swear I have every intention to go follow through with my resolution!) committed to whoever you, my beloved readers happen to be, I'll indulge all with the pictures from the British Colony fashion show, back in Fashion Rio (I apologize beforehand for the quality of some of the pictures I took, I'm still waiting for my front-row-seats days to come). Maxime Perelmuter's brand was acclaimed to have put on one of the best (if not THE best show) out of the entire week and with due credits. The light, breezy and interesting shaped garments, saturated with summery pastel beiges and off-whites tones, mixed with strong earthy blues and oranges, could yield the surfer/designer no less than the glories that only and extremely polished and innovative-yet-chic collections deserve.

Open back (for men and women)

Stripes - a safe bet for any season


Interesting geometry

Chic, beachy and playful (detail: glasses)

Extremely ready-(for me) to-wear

The success of the show however was, for me at least, quite a surprise. I walked past the windows of one of British Colony's stores almost everyday when I'm at my home-country and I see nothing but colorless (not to say faded) baggy, ill-fitting clothes with astronomical price tags. Thankfully the brand shook things around according to my insider's information, their sales department was overflowed with orders, unlike anything they've ever seen before. Seems like the change was for the best not only of consumers who now have a new go-to brand, but also for BC's financial department. Good job guys, keep it up!

(last 6 images @

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rio as Fashion as Ever

Hello dearests!So guess what? Thanks to my very very very beloved friend Carolina Linhares, I got a sneak peek (a bit more than that even) on my favorite fashion week ever - Fashion Rio, Spring/summer 2011 and because I'm one to kiss and tell, I'll show some of what was out there in a series of posts. We went to 3 shows - Giulia Borges, Patachou and British Colony. The first one was somewhat of a disappointment but the other two made up for it.
Anyhow, I'll give the kick start with some of the best street style out there on the gloomy yet fashio-filled monday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

90s is the new (glittery) black and mini is the new maxi

After a long time, no see I'm back. Just watched iron man 2 (yes, finally!) and its not as bad as I assumed it to be, its actually pretty decent even though one of my favorites, Scarlet Johansen, was hired just to show her pretty face and full stop (and to make us incredibly jealous of her ity bity waist line, damn it mother nature!).All is good in the Rio scenario, life couldn't be better, parties and more parties to keep me all so busy! Fashion Rio, our fashion week is coming up and I'll keep you guys posted about it. It gets better every year, and the summer collections showing is always the best, so expect some great fashion showing up here real soon!
On my current trend watch - beware ladies, the small bags are back and they should be here to stay (for a couple of seasons at leats). This time, not only the so-not-practical clutches but also the daylight friendly across (or not, entirely up to you), long strap, bags - very boho, very 70s, very in! Invest! Also, don't be afraid to shine, glitter is in again. Yes, yes, its uber 90s, but guess what, 90s is the new 80s dearests, so go back, look for those classic pieces that are thrown in the back of the closet, and enjoy the deja vu.

new it bags (@jack&

90s shine! (
Speaking of deja vu, I just have to mention the new Sex and the City that's almost here! Get dolled up and put on a great girls night out for the launch and make sure to make a pit stop for some cosmos while you're at it! I can barely wait!

I'll leave you today with a bit of glitter (check samatha's pants), a bit of 90s and a lot of love! See y'all in a bit!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

After being MIA for the past 2 weeks, I'm back and get ready for some (hopefully) very exciting set of posts.Truth is I haven't been up to much lately. Summer vacations finally got here (woot woot!) and I stopped by Fort Myers, FL to say a quick hi to my parents. Not particularly exciting (or stylish, or fashionable) but still a good refreshment. Oh, and lets not forget the sun! Delicious, luxurious, swarming warm sun.... aaaah j'adore. Anyhow, I managed to get some good fisheye shots while I was there.(don't ask me why I thought it'd be so cool to stand beside a flower pot and take a picture... the colors are nice though)

Interesting pictures aside, now comes the excitment, I finally made it to my second (and most loved) destination for this summer: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Yeah Baybay, I'm back home and ready to ruuuuumble (yes, I realize how tacky that sounds, but whatever, I'm happy).

During my hours waiting in Miami airport (I decided to get there early since a certain American Air(line) carrier decided to mess up all my reservations lately) I realized how fascinating airports can be. Tons of people of every kind crammed together, all going to the same place for the most diverse reasons. And then there is the style. Airport goers style is enough to start a whole new reality show. I always opt for comfort and simplicity above all and go for jeans, a white T with a hoodie with white converse - there's just no way I can go wrong with that (I think). However, there are some people that consider the narrow aisles of the plane the ultimate runway and go all out with their choice of outfits. I wish I wasn't so embarassed and actually registered what I see throughout airports in the world (mental note to start doing that). Some of these people nail it and actually put together amazing combinations that look so natural, and even more surprising, comfortable. Others, on the other hand, aren't so lucky and end up on either extremes of the comfort and style spectrum. That's true for everywhere though, not just airports I guess, but still, it is more pronounced in the tight head quarters of passengers reunions.

What matters is, after the long hours of waiting and the 8 hour flight, I made it here! And you dear, made it with me! So be ready for a wonderful ride!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wodstock Revival

Coachella baybay! Its here finally, the fashion week of music! The festival became the epitome of style showcase and music is only a secondary perk (try looking for blogs that talk strictly about the bands that played and you'll understand where I'm coming from).
Unfortunately yours truly wasn't able to make it all the way to Cali lands and cover it in person (and rock my cute little toosh out) but as usual I have my faves, dos and don'ts to share. I think Coachela is one of the few events in which my eyes are not on the stars, but at the crowd. People like me and you shine waaaay brighter - rockers, hippies, mods, come what may, it is there and it is true. Don't get me wrong, I am dying to know what kind of shenanigans LiLo got herself into this time, but for that I'll tune into TMZ later on, for now, I'll focus on the fashion. Street style on steroids here we go....
70s + beige + mod hippie

Bold prints

style squared
My future husband (or someone that hopefully looks a lot like him)

So dearest, this is what we observed from Coachella goers: 70s is in, nudes, beiges and the hippie vibe is the new black, look like you just came out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue and get your prints working and you are all set for the summer. Oh, and look hot while doing it, really hot.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New loves for the upcomming summer

ALMOST, I can sense summer vacations, I can feel them to my last strand of hair, must....survive...five...more...days....
Yes people, its here, its almost here! Hopefully that will mean I will be able to post more (at least I see it as hopefully).
I had a bit of time to keep reading my daily blogs and magazines the last couple of week and in the new Gisele *sigh* Vogue issue stumbled upon a designer that I hadn't paid attention to before: Prabal Gurung. He is interesting, he fresh, he is modern and he is consistent. He is definitely one to look out for. His latest fall '10 collection, inspired on hell's angels was so coherent with his theme and so perfectly tailored that it captured my attention, even though I'm not a big fan of mostly dark/black/gray/white (his palette of choice) collections. All I can say is "my compliments to the chef" and I hope he doesn't disappoint me in the future and guarantees his spot among my must-see designers.

On a completly different yet somewhat related noted (is that even possible?), when I saw this fresh flowery Rebecca Taylor dress, my world stopped. THE CORSET FIT LADIES! Simply stunning, not something you see everyday, perfectly cut. Bells rang, birds sang, the whole cheesy scenario, I had to have it. The down side: 400 bucks. The up side (for my pocket that is): sold out except for size 12... In case you are lucky enough and 12 is just your size, you can get it here (is they still have it). As for the rest of us, I'll leave the image of my long gone love for all of us to appreciate..

goodbye dear dress, it was nice while the illusion lasted...