Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feel the joy people, feel the joy! Hell week is almost over! Almost done with my pile of assignments which gives me 5 minutes to breath and 2 minutes to post!

No time for photo shoots or to look through my usual supply of information to bring you the latest buzz. Therefore, I decided to try something new - Food porn!

Yes, you read it right. I was introduced to the concept by a fellow 24/7 dieter of mine, basically its the best pictures of the most delicious looking food possible. Its enough to fulfill the deepest desires of every food junkie.

My version of the guilty pleasure is composed by my (no modesty here) fantastic chocolate chip cookies. I have posted these pictures before and not once have I not received "ooooh" and "aaaah"s in response, followed by "you have to bake them for me!". Unfortunately I only have the recipe for them in portugese but I will translate the recipe fr those as soon as I have a little bit more free time. While you can't actually bake them and release your inner glutton, enjoy the pics and take a look at Chocolate Chipped (food porn for chocolate lovers).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies, crystals and eggs!

Back! I swear this was as ASAP as I could make it! Hell week is kicking true-relligion monogramed toosh right now. I hate being a University student, it always get in the way of everything else. Aaaaanyhow... lets talk business.
No time for shoots this week for reasons aforementioned; however, some interesting random facts.
Gisele Bundchen went to BraZil to show her genetically blessed baby to her family, but not to the rest of us..

Swarowski launched a line inspired by Alice in wonderland and apparently so did everyone else (even Avril Lavigne did). I liked the movie but, honestly, merchandising is just pushing it a little overboard.

Today is chocolate day! yay! I read this at and thought it was worth sharing! Do you know what this means? PIG OUT! Unfortunatly my fellow frozen Canadians (and the not so frozen Americans) have not yet found the glories of chocolate Easter eggs, like the ones we have in Brazil. I feel sorry for the little kids from the north that never experienced the joy of unwrapping a huuuuuuuuge egg entirely made of delicious milk chocolate, like their favorite bars, only a gazilion times bigger -- and better! (I'm trying to find a picture to post here but my internet is being ridiculous right now... )

I'll go back to my slow painful death (my assignments that is) now! On the bright side, its almost over and then its summer baybay! hell yeah...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is great again!

Spring is back full power! Apparently whoever spring god is heard my desperate claims!
Just in time to go out for another shoot, still on the pixie fairy flowery feel. I can't help it, this time of the year awakes my corny girly side, sorry. The outfit of choice this time was a zara skirt and shirt (both together cost me 30 bucks, very reasonable), Melissa flats, farm vest and AE belt.

Speaking of corny, I am in LOVE! Yes, deep, passionate L-O-V-E with Guy Laroche. I don't know why I haven't gone through his collections before but they are amazing. Actually, maybe it was because he isn't covered by (or at least I couldn't find him). He uses forms so unpredictably and yet his garments are remarkably flattering, which in my opinion is a very hard feat to achieve. I find that designers usually sacrifice one for the other, but no Laroche. I'm enchanted.

I leave you with some pictures to admire. I'll come back later, as soon as I snap out of my spring, lovely, oblivion (Ok, this may take way too long, considering it just began. I'll come back ASAP).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

OK, so apparently I claimed my victory too soon. Its cold and its icky weather again! Way to go Canada. However, leave it to me and my too favorite photographers (yes Steph and Jess that's you guys!) to turn an abominable day into the somewhat warm-ish spring shoot above. I gave it a little spruce to lean towards a 60s vibe.

On another note, McQueen's last collection is out (actually, it has been out for a couple of days, I apologize for my delay) and its gorgeous. Precious actually. Not the extravagant out-of-this-world McQueen; but a poised, refined and extremely chic runway, with the impeccable tailoring we have learned to expect. I posted some of the pictures below (if you want to see all of the pictures check out

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back as promised.

Just watched Alice in wonderland. One thing to say - BEE-EW-TIFUL. I have to give big thumbs up to Disney that nailed it yet again. I didn't remember the story being so good from the cartoon, the whole thing is so interpretable (don't worry but I won't get into much details, I shall leave that for my next semiotics paper). Costumes and set were amazing as well, I was enchanted with the colors. The movie just had a magic vibe of Marie Antoinette on LSD but it made sense somehow. If nothing so far excited you, Johny Depp as the Mad Hater should - Hilarious and with a hint of Galliano. Anne Hathaway was a liiiitle too prozac-y, but also interesting.

Ironically, Alice is fits precisely into what I said earlier. The pastel tones of the real world characters contrasted with the colourful and kind of somber tones of the ones from wonderland are exactly what I would suggest for spring.

For inspirational enlightenment I bring you Mr.Laggerfiel, Wang and Hercovitch. Oh, and Alice of course! (I appologize for the lame-o collage, I'm trying to use but its not as flexible as I wish it would be)

I feel like I should be writing about the Oscars, who was hot, who was not, who was wearing whom... but thing is, I won't. Everything that has to be said about the award's red carpet, every witty remark that could be made, is already out there somewhere and I don't like being repetitive. I'll cover some more important, and face it, relevant, grounds.

Spring is here (hence the possibility to go out for a shoot that resulted in the picture in this post)! Finally and officially! Took it too long, if you ask me. Truth be told winter wasn't that bad this year -- only a couple of weeks of "FML I wanna die" cold, which for Canadian weather is fairly decent. All the same, I hate winter and am glad to say its dead and gone for now. So lets talk spring fashion! Yay! (and by spring fashion, I include winter in the southern hemisphere since climate-wise they are pretty similar --- yes fellow Brazilians, this is me begging you not to wear scarves in your winter and enjoy the benefits of NOT having a winter).

Spring is promising, washing out the bright 80s trend and give our eyes a rest, bleach your neons people and grab your beiges and nudes! Even though florals and spring are a cliche combination, I think it works as a safe bet. Just accessorize it with something studded or leather and give it a rockstar-ish vibe. Mix and match with some other prints, and remember to keep the whole "oh-I-Look-awesome-even-though-I-was-milking-a-cow" feel, the pastoral is a big bet for this spring. Keep it lovely and romantic with a touch of edge and you are good to go! Think Channel and Lily Allen.

Shit, I have to go back to paying attention to cyberlaw class... or at least making an effort to do so.

Be back in a bit.