Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back as promised.

Just watched Alice in wonderland. One thing to say - BEE-EW-TIFUL. I have to give big thumbs up to Disney that nailed it yet again. I didn't remember the story being so good from the cartoon, the whole thing is so interpretable (don't worry but I won't get into much details, I shall leave that for my next semiotics paper). Costumes and set were amazing as well, I was enchanted with the colors. The movie just had a magic vibe of Marie Antoinette on LSD but it made sense somehow. If nothing so far excited you, Johny Depp as the Mad Hater should - Hilarious and with a hint of Galliano. Anne Hathaway was a liiiitle too prozac-y, but also interesting.

Ironically, Alice is fits precisely into what I said earlier. The pastel tones of the real world characters contrasted with the colourful and kind of somber tones of the ones from wonderland are exactly what I would suggest for spring.

For inspirational enlightenment I bring you Mr.Laggerfiel, Wang and Hercovitch. Oh, and Alice of course! (I appologize for the lame-o collage, I'm trying to use but its not as flexible as I wish it would be)

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