Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feel the joy people, feel the joy! Hell week is almost over! Almost done with my pile of assignments which gives me 5 minutes to breath and 2 minutes to post!

No time for photo shoots or to look through my usual supply of information to bring you the latest buzz. Therefore, I decided to try something new - Food porn!

Yes, you read it right. I was introduced to the concept by a fellow 24/7 dieter of mine, basically its the best pictures of the most delicious looking food possible. Its enough to fulfill the deepest desires of every food junkie.

My version of the guilty pleasure is composed by my (no modesty here) fantastic chocolate chip cookies. I have posted these pictures before and not once have I not received "ooooh" and "aaaah"s in response, followed by "you have to bake them for me!". Unfortunately I only have the recipe for them in portugese but I will translate the recipe fr those as soon as I have a little bit more free time. While you can't actually bake them and release your inner glutton, enjoy the pics and take a look at Chocolate Chipped (food porn for chocolate lovers).


  1. ok, you are OFFICIALY mad. that's all I'm saying.
    Su, there is A REASON why we don't use regular porn, and, as recently discorvered here, it goes for food as well. it only makes you crave the effing think even moooore. fuck! now I craving these effing cookies...literaly drulling....ahhh I hate you. you are soooo baking me a bach of those when you get here as'll see you evil baker slash blogger! ¬¬' (evil look)
    let me get the hell outa here before I get fat only by looking at them!! ahhhh \o/

    ps: ok, still love you...but BARELY! =***

  2. hm i think i know who that fellow dieter is... ;P
    i want those cookiesssssssss - total FOOD PORN!!!