Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is great again!

Spring is back full power! Apparently whoever spring god is heard my desperate claims!
Just in time to go out for another shoot, still on the pixie fairy flowery feel. I can't help it, this time of the year awakes my corny girly side, sorry. The outfit of choice this time was a zara skirt and shirt (both together cost me 30 bucks, very reasonable), Melissa flats, farm vest and AE belt.

Speaking of corny, I am in LOVE! Yes, deep, passionate L-O-V-E with Guy Laroche. I don't know why I haven't gone through his collections before but they are amazing. Actually, maybe it was because he isn't covered by (or at least I couldn't find him). He uses forms so unpredictably and yet his garments are remarkably flattering, which in my opinion is a very hard feat to achieve. I find that designers usually sacrifice one for the other, but no Laroche. I'm enchanted.

I leave you with some pictures to admire. I'll come back later, as soon as I snap out of my spring, lovely, oblivion (Ok, this may take way too long, considering it just began. I'll come back ASAP).


  1. hahahahaha I just love to read your posts 'cause I can perfectly imagine you saying all those things, and the voices you'd make etc... hahaha
    (btw, I'm probably making lots os mistakes here, but you know...not used to writing in english anymore... ) anyway, just so you know, if spring is back, it's means Perséphone is problably out of the underworld, here on earth visiting her mother, Deméter (godess of agriculture) and that's with the fields are full and the flowers are blossoming...she's just happy her baby's home! hahaha but in six months she goes back "down stairs" so it's rainny days and snow all over again =(
    miss you, love you, byebyebaby
    ps: yes, I kown I'm such a nerd with my mithology! hahahaha

  2. hahahah I was going to mention you are such a nerd indeed, but you did that yourslef, so I'll give you the credits!
    Love you soooo much babe!
    and no mistakes1 don't worry!
    you're hyper hahah with reasons though