Thursday, March 11, 2010

I feel like I should be writing about the Oscars, who was hot, who was not, who was wearing whom... but thing is, I won't. Everything that has to be said about the award's red carpet, every witty remark that could be made, is already out there somewhere and I don't like being repetitive. I'll cover some more important, and face it, relevant, grounds.

Spring is here (hence the possibility to go out for a shoot that resulted in the picture in this post)! Finally and officially! Took it too long, if you ask me. Truth be told winter wasn't that bad this year -- only a couple of weeks of "FML I wanna die" cold, which for Canadian weather is fairly decent. All the same, I hate winter and am glad to say its dead and gone for now. So lets talk spring fashion! Yay! (and by spring fashion, I include winter in the southern hemisphere since climate-wise they are pretty similar --- yes fellow Brazilians, this is me begging you not to wear scarves in your winter and enjoy the benefits of NOT having a winter).

Spring is promising, washing out the bright 80s trend and give our eyes a rest, bleach your neons people and grab your beiges and nudes! Even though florals and spring are a cliche combination, I think it works as a safe bet. Just accessorize it with something studded or leather and give it a rockstar-ish vibe. Mix and match with some other prints, and remember to keep the whole "oh-I-Look-awesome-even-though-I-was-milking-a-cow" feel, the pastoral is a big bet for this spring. Keep it lovely and romantic with a touch of edge and you are good to go! Think Channel and Lily Allen.

Shit, I have to go back to paying attention to cyberlaw class... or at least making an effort to do so.

Be back in a bit.

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