Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies, crystals and eggs!

Back! I swear this was as ASAP as I could make it! Hell week is kicking true-relligion monogramed toosh right now. I hate being a University student, it always get in the way of everything else. Aaaaanyhow... lets talk business.
No time for shoots this week for reasons aforementioned; however, some interesting random facts.
Gisele Bundchen went to BraZil to show her genetically blessed baby to her family, but not to the rest of us..

Swarowski launched a line inspired by Alice in wonderland and apparently so did everyone else (even Avril Lavigne did). I liked the movie but, honestly, merchandising is just pushing it a little overboard.

Today is chocolate day! yay! I read this at and thought it was worth sharing! Do you know what this means? PIG OUT! Unfortunatly my fellow frozen Canadians (and the not so frozen Americans) have not yet found the glories of chocolate Easter eggs, like the ones we have in Brazil. I feel sorry for the little kids from the north that never experienced the joy of unwrapping a huuuuuuuuge egg entirely made of delicious milk chocolate, like their favorite bars, only a gazilion times bigger -- and better! (I'm trying to find a picture to post here but my internet is being ridiculous right now... )

I'll go back to my slow painful death (my assignments that is) now! On the bright side, its almost over and then its summer baybay! hell yeah...


  1. hahahahaha
    loved your description on the blessed moment that it is when you're about to open a easter egg hahahaha
    but listen, I was actualy reflecting over this Giselle situation, genetic blessed baby you said right? yes, he SHOULD be, but wath if this is one of those ironic cases were the parents are O.O pretty and the kid is >.< OMG nooot so pretty? wonder if that's why she did the michael jackson and covered him up like that... remains de doubt...
    lov'ya, xoxo

  2. well, there is always the possibility... however, I will never know because she doesn't show the freaking baby! EVER! soooo frustrating these overprotective parents

  3. Suuuuu
    dúvida : eu tenho que comentar em ingles ?
    enfim ..

    I love everything you write .. way better than ahahahahahaha
    and i want to read the rest of your slow painful death !

    miss you loooooots , hate easter eggs AND chocolate and love you more than easter holiday