Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wodstock Revival

Coachella baybay! Its here finally, the fashion week of music! The festival became the epitome of style showcase and music is only a secondary perk (try looking for blogs that talk strictly about the bands that played and you'll understand where I'm coming from).
Unfortunately yours truly wasn't able to make it all the way to Cali lands and cover it in person (and rock my cute little toosh out) but as usual I have my faves, dos and don'ts to share. I think Coachela is one of the few events in which my eyes are not on the stars, but at the crowd. People like me and you shine waaaay brighter - rockers, hippies, mods, come what may, it is there and it is true. Don't get me wrong, I am dying to know what kind of shenanigans LiLo got herself into this time, but for that I'll tune into TMZ later on, for now, I'll focus on the fashion. Street style on steroids here we go....
70s + beige + mod hippie

Bold prints

style squared
My future husband (or someone that hopefully looks a lot like him)

So dearest, this is what we observed from Coachella goers: 70s is in, nudes, beiges and the hippie vibe is the new black, look like you just came out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue and get your prints working and you are all set for the summer. Oh, and look hot while doing it, really hot.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New loves for the upcomming summer

ALMOST, I can sense summer vacations, I can feel them to my last strand of hair, must....survive...five...more...days....
Yes people, its here, its almost here! Hopefully that will mean I will be able to post more (at least I see it as hopefully).
I had a bit of time to keep reading my daily blogs and magazines the last couple of week and in the new Gisele *sigh* Vogue issue stumbled upon a designer that I hadn't paid attention to before: Prabal Gurung. He is interesting, he fresh, he is modern and he is consistent. He is definitely one to look out for. His latest fall '10 collection, inspired on hell's angels was so coherent with his theme and so perfectly tailored that it captured my attention, even though I'm not a big fan of mostly dark/black/gray/white (his palette of choice) collections. All I can say is "my compliments to the chef" and I hope he doesn't disappoint me in the future and guarantees his spot among my must-see designers.

On a completly different yet somewhat related noted (is that even possible?), when I saw this fresh flowery Rebecca Taylor dress, my world stopped. THE CORSET FIT LADIES! Simply stunning, not something you see everyday, perfectly cut. Bells rang, birds sang, the whole cheesy scenario, I had to have it. The down side: 400 bucks. The up side (for my pocket that is): sold out except for size 12... In case you are lucky enough and 12 is just your size, you can get it here (is they still have it). As for the rest of us, I'll leave the image of my long gone love for all of us to appreciate..

goodbye dear dress, it was nice while the illusion lasted...