Thursday, May 6, 2010

After being MIA for the past 2 weeks, I'm back and get ready for some (hopefully) very exciting set of posts.Truth is I haven't been up to much lately. Summer vacations finally got here (woot woot!) and I stopped by Fort Myers, FL to say a quick hi to my parents. Not particularly exciting (or stylish, or fashionable) but still a good refreshment. Oh, and lets not forget the sun! Delicious, luxurious, swarming warm sun.... aaaah j'adore. Anyhow, I managed to get some good fisheye shots while I was there.(don't ask me why I thought it'd be so cool to stand beside a flower pot and take a picture... the colors are nice though)

Interesting pictures aside, now comes the excitment, I finally made it to my second (and most loved) destination for this summer: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Yeah Baybay, I'm back home and ready to ruuuuumble (yes, I realize how tacky that sounds, but whatever, I'm happy).

During my hours waiting in Miami airport (I decided to get there early since a certain American Air(line) carrier decided to mess up all my reservations lately) I realized how fascinating airports can be. Tons of people of every kind crammed together, all going to the same place for the most diverse reasons. And then there is the style. Airport goers style is enough to start a whole new reality show. I always opt for comfort and simplicity above all and go for jeans, a white T with a hoodie with white converse - there's just no way I can go wrong with that (I think). However, there are some people that consider the narrow aisles of the plane the ultimate runway and go all out with their choice of outfits. I wish I wasn't so embarassed and actually registered what I see throughout airports in the world (mental note to start doing that). Some of these people nail it and actually put together amazing combinations that look so natural, and even more surprising, comfortable. Others, on the other hand, aren't so lucky and end up on either extremes of the comfort and style spectrum. That's true for everywhere though, not just airports I guess, but still, it is more pronounced in the tight head quarters of passengers reunions.

What matters is, after the long hours of waiting and the 8 hour flight, I made it here! And you dear, made it with me! So be ready for a wonderful ride!

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