Wednesday, May 19, 2010

90s is the new (glittery) black and mini is the new maxi

After a long time, no see I'm back. Just watched iron man 2 (yes, finally!) and its not as bad as I assumed it to be, its actually pretty decent even though one of my favorites, Scarlet Johansen, was hired just to show her pretty face and full stop (and to make us incredibly jealous of her ity bity waist line, damn it mother nature!).All is good in the Rio scenario, life couldn't be better, parties and more parties to keep me all so busy! Fashion Rio, our fashion week is coming up and I'll keep you guys posted about it. It gets better every year, and the summer collections showing is always the best, so expect some great fashion showing up here real soon!
On my current trend watch - beware ladies, the small bags are back and they should be here to stay (for a couple of seasons at leats). This time, not only the so-not-practical clutches but also the daylight friendly across (or not, entirely up to you), long strap, bags - very boho, very 70s, very in! Invest! Also, don't be afraid to shine, glitter is in again. Yes, yes, its uber 90s, but guess what, 90s is the new 80s dearests, so go back, look for those classic pieces that are thrown in the back of the closet, and enjoy the deja vu.

new it bags (@jack&

90s shine! (
Speaking of deja vu, I just have to mention the new Sex and the City that's almost here! Get dolled up and put on a great girls night out for the launch and make sure to make a pit stop for some cosmos while you're at it! I can barely wait!

I'll leave you today with a bit of glitter (check samatha's pants), a bit of 90s and a lot of love! See y'all in a bit!

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