Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mid-year's resolution!

I need to blog more. In every single post so far (well, almost) I said I'd try to post more often, and truth be told I have not kept up with my word (at all). Since I hate not living up to my promises, I make it my mid-year's resolution to post frequently.

Now that I am truthfully (I swear I have every intention to go follow through with my resolution!) committed to whoever you, my beloved readers happen to be, I'll indulge all with the pictures from the British Colony fashion show, back in Fashion Rio (I apologize beforehand for the quality of some of the pictures I took, I'm still waiting for my front-row-seats days to come). Maxime Perelmuter's brand was acclaimed to have put on one of the best (if not THE best show) out of the entire week and with due credits. The light, breezy and interesting shaped garments, saturated with summery pastel beiges and off-whites tones, mixed with strong earthy blues and oranges, could yield the surfer/designer no less than the glories that only and extremely polished and innovative-yet-chic collections deserve.

Open back (for men and women)

Stripes - a safe bet for any season


Interesting geometry

Chic, beachy and playful (detail: glasses)

Extremely ready-(for me) to-wear

The success of the show however was, for me at least, quite a surprise. I walked past the windows of one of British Colony's stores almost everyday when I'm at my home-country and I see nothing but colorless (not to say faded) baggy, ill-fitting clothes with astronomical price tags. Thankfully the brand shook things around according to my insider's information, their sales department was overflowed with orders, unlike anything they've ever seen before. Seems like the change was for the best not only of consumers who now have a new go-to brand, but also for BC's financial department. Good job guys, keep it up!

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