Friday, July 23, 2010


So clearly I suck at keeping up with my resolutions. However, what is done is done (or better yet, what isn't done) and I'll have to redeem myself with one fascinating post on my European endeavors. So far I've concluded my eastern bound part of the trip and I'm on my way to all-so-lovely citta of Rome (hip hip hurray for carbs, tomatoes and cheese) and I'll (try to) entertain you with my overview of the cities, starting by my first stop, Berlin!

At first sight I found it really disappointing (sorry Berlin lovers). The city is a construction site with everything being (re)built. However, after a couple of free tours and a somewhat more thorough understanding of all the history, I realized that Berlin is nothing but gorgeous. The people are amazing, seriously, even German language becomes less scary with Berliners. Now, to cap off my growing love for the city and to fulfill my fashionista soul, Berlin fashion week was going on - BEE-EW-TIFUL. I didn't actually get to see any of the shows, which is quite unfortunate, but it was still worth it to stumble upon very stylish and edgy people during my walkabouts.

If Germany's capital is in your future travel plans than make sure you don't leave out Torstraze with its unique Berliner designers and really trendy crowd plus a bonus of some cool bars and restaurants that are budget friendly and delicious. Just take the subway to Rosenbauer platz (I'll have to double check the name of this one), walk around and you're sure to find some interesting surprises.

For those of you that want more precise tips of where to go, here are some of the places I went to and made sure to write down in my moleskine as must-go's:

Monsieur Wong - Yes, its Thai food in Berlin (that was my first thought also, don't worry), but its worth it. It isn't crammed with tourists, so you can give your camera a break, and the food is amazing. For 8.00 euros average you'll get a lot of really great, tasty food. Its usually really full but you probably won't have to wait long to get a seat.

Traffic - This place is like a tapas bar but for Asian food (as you can see I'm a bit into the oriental cuisine). Each dish costs about 3 euros, but with 3 dishes you're guaranteed to be extremely well fed. It has a really modern style and a backyard that is the perfect place to chill for a bit with a good game of fooseball or ping-pong. Also, like Monsieur Wong, its mainly occupied by trendy locals, which is always a perk.

The Week End- This nightclub is in the terrace of a building and, if for some god-knows-what reason, you don't like the music, you're guaranteed to get the most amazing view of Berlin possible (and for a decent price even). There's always something going on so just check their website. This is a mandatory stop for sure.

Grand Hostel - seriously the best hostel I've been to so far (even better than many hotels I've been too, might I add). Extremely clean, staff is amazing, its a bit far from the center (15 min walk) but its just outside a subway station so you'll be fine. Oh yeah, and its not expensive I believe I payed 20 euros per night which in the summer is really reasonable.

This is it for Berlin I guess. Hopefully I redeemed myself. Look out for my next update: Prague!

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  1. nice one!! i actually had a job offer from ebay germany (near berlin) a few years ago and didn't like the city on the weekend i was there so said no (the job was interesting but it was a job that you can only do at ebay so if i'd have lost or left this one i'd be fairly lost in germany) - gudrun used to live there for a year and absolutely loved and loves it still.

    prague is super nice! great food! enjoy!¬